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Glenfalloch is a heritage listed residential property situated at 172 Oxlade Drive New Farm on the banks of the Brisbane River, designed by architects Lund Hutton Newell Black & Paulsen and completed in 1962. Glenfalloch is owned by Glenfalloch Limited.

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Glenfalloch is a residential property situated in New Farm, on the banks of the Brisbane River, designed by architects Lund Hutton Newell Black & Paulsen and completed in 1962.

The architects designed the building to be naturally energy efficient with its north east orientation and windows on both the street and riverside to maximise cross-ventilation. 

One of the first high rise apartment buildings in Queensland, Glenfalloch is built of reinforced concrete, steel and glass. According to its original sales brochure, Glenfalloch was the second tallest lift slab building in the world at the time of its construction. It is comprised of 17 storeys including concourse and two level car park.

There are 98 apartments including two penthouses. There are also extensive riverfront gardens and a swimming pool. The building contains two passenger lifts and showcases two impressive glass enclosed stairwells.

Glenfalloch cost £750,000 to build. Apartments were originally priced at between £5,000 and £8,000 and the two penthouses were about £18,000 each.


This is a heritage listed property, with a long and rich history, governed by company title. Unlike strata titled units, where a person owns a unit in their own name, shareholders own shares in Glenfalloch Limited while the company owns the building and the land it occupies. 

There are approximately 211 drawings relating to Glenfalloch in the Lund Hutton Ryan Morton Collection in the Fryer Library at the University of Queensland.

Glenfalloch has recently undergone renovations with an upgrade of the facade on the street side of the building being commenced in 2011 and the riverside upgrade being completed in 2019.


The name Glenfalloch has Scottish origins, deriving from the Gaelic 'gleann-falaich' meaning 'hidden valley'. 

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Very romantic building.
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Older building but Nice view
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